Ryoko’s Japanese Restaurant and Bar


I had a couple of beers at my house, then I went to the Edinburgh Castle and had a couple more.  By the time I descended into the cave-like Ryoko’s, I was a little tipsy for sure.  We ordered food, I’m not sure what exactly, some sushi rolls and nigiri, and more beer.  We had some miso soup,

drank more beer,

then sushi was brought out. 

I’m pretty sure I ate one piece before I got wrapped up in talking with my friends and drinking more beer and taking photos.  When I finally tired of the sound of my own voice and went back for another piece of sushi, it was all gone.  I’m not really sure how I got so distracted that I neglected to eat. 

I needed to get something in my stomach, and Sarah was still peckish as well, so we ordered bowls of rice and they were quite satisfying with a little soy sauce.  Then we all enjoyed some strawberry and green tea mochi before exiting into the night. 

Am I upset I mostly missed out on the food at Ryoko’s?  Eh, not really.  I feel like I got the main thing they’re pushing there, which is the atmosphere.  I think I did it just right, and had a great time. 

Ryoko’s Japanese Restaurant and Bar

619 Taylor


Golden Kim Tar

I’m realizing as I start to put this post together that I completely dropped the ball on making any fanfare about this blog’s one year anniversary.  Which, it seems, is a thing people like to do;  throw a little birthday party for their blog.  Of course, it’s not REALLY for the blog.  Blogs are not sentient beings, they cannot appreciate a celebration in their honor.   It’s a pat on the back from the blogger to themself.  Which, you know, is very attractive.  So, congratulations blog, you are one year and about 2 months old today.  Let’s celebrate with a completely boring post about Chinese takeout.

Yep, it doesn’t get a lot more boring than this.  Steve and I ordering via Grubhub from Golden Kim Tar.  Probably sitting in our jimmie jams watching Law and Order SVU eating this insipid food.  Hot and sour soup

cashew broccoli chicken

and vegetables with tofu

were all fine, just sort of bland.  And oddly sweet.  The only thing that wasn’t sweet were the potstickers

which were plump and soft and savory.  Those and the soup were the standouts from this meal.  Though, everything seemed to be made with nice, fresh ingredients and they offered a good variety of veggies that were well cooked; still a bit crisp but not too raw.

I was apprehensive about Golden Kim Tar because it’s a nondescript Chinese place, the city is full of them and they can be great, but they can also be really really bad.  I’ve been burned before.  Golden Kim Tar has surprisingly good Yelp reviews, so I knew things could go either way.  In the end, it was ok.  Not regrettable, but not life changing either.  Still, all the five and four star reviews on Yelp have me curious to try it again.  Noodle soups seem to be a specialty of the house, and that certainly hits me right where I live.  However, if I do try Golden Kim Tar again, I think I’ll eat in, in an attempt to liven things up a bit.  Go for the gusto, right?

Golden Kim Tar

434 Larkin St


Chevys Fresh Mex

Ugh.  Chevys.  Steve and I made a grave error related to this dinner.  We used to go to Chevys for happy hour at the Embarcadero Center location, back when the happy hour was a really good deal.  It’d been a while since we’d done that though, and I guess Steve had forgotten that Chevys kind of sucks and he was really excited to go to the Chevys on Van Ness for happy hour.  So excited in fact, that he couldn’t wait and we ended up at the Embarcadero Center spot before a movie (it actually ended up being the last day that location was open).  And we were disappointed.  Because Chevys food and service are both not very good.  But we had already planned to go to the Van Ness location before going to a City Arts and Lectures show, and plans cannot be broken. 

We sat in the bar so we could take advantage of the happy hour deals.  It was pretty packed; there was a large group of white-collar types who were, by evidence of their matching t-shirts, on a softball team together.  It’s loud in the bar, but not terribly so, and it’s nice and sunny, so at least there’s that.  The service was terrible, as expected, but we eventually got chips and salsa and put in drink orders.

Chips and salsa are pretty solid at Chevys.  The chips are made there so they’re fresh and the salsa has nice roasty toasty bits.  There can be an odd bitter/sour flavor to the chips sometimes, but mostly I don’t mind it.  These are the high point of a meal at this dump. 

If I remember correctly, the happy hour deal for food is half off most of their appetizers.  Not the fancy ones.  Not the guacamole.  So we ordered two un-fancy appetizers and a salad (you gotta splurge a little bit).  Our drinks came.  Steve had an Original margarita on the rocks.  I had a mango margarita.

I was surprised that it was pretty tasty.  In the past I’ve found Chevys’ margaritas to be either too sweet or too sour or just too weird tasting.  This one had a well-rounded flavor and tasted like real mango, instead of bizarro chemical mango.  Later I had a michelada, which was awful, so the balance of things was put back to rights.

Our salad, the Santa Fe chopped.  Eh.  It was bland, in spite of the bacon and roasted corn and peppers, the grilled chicken was dry and the dressing was sweet and watery.  Yuck.

These red chile pork taquitos?  These were actually really good.  Crispy pork bits on the ends, soft innards, nicely chewy wrappers, deep chile flavor; it all came together like wow oh wow.  I don’t why, but in the past I’ve been kind of anti-taquito, I’ve avoided them because I think of them as all crunchy taco outside with no filling.  I’ve changed my tune after having awesome rolled tacos in San Diego and the new daily special taquitos at Olivo’s.  And now even Chevys has proven me wrong.  I’m pro-taquito all the way now.

These fajita nachos changed my mind too, unfortunately (or fortunately you could say) they were changing my mind about me loving fajita nachos.   Fajita nachos had been my standby at Chevys, they’re hard to mess up, pile some beans, meat and cheese on individual chips, how could it be bad?   We got a mix of steak and chicken, and all the meat was dry as dust.  For whatever reason, the cheese was flavorless, excepting the flavor of grease, which is a flavor I’d like to except from my life.  The guacamole, which could have saved these, was pretty lackluster. 

So a big “meh” for Chevys.  No surprises there.  It’s not a terrible place for happy hour if you stick with the taquitos and the less adventurous margarita flavors, but otherwise it’s overpriced and shitty.  Plus, you’re in San Francisco!  Go somewhere else for Mexican food or you’re a tool.

Chevys Fresh Mex


590 Van Ness


Quickly is a Taiwanese tapioca drink and snack shop that is heavily represented in the SF Bay area.  You might remember the name from the whole Ed Jew controversy.  No?  You forgot about old Ed Jew already, huh?  I wonder what that guy’s up to…anyway, I know what I was up to a few months ago, and that was hitting up the Quickly on Larkin with my pals Erin and Austin.

Quickly has an absolutely massive menu.  There are milk teas, smoothies, snows, juices and a plethora of mostly fried snacks.  It’s pretty overwhelming to be honest.  But everything is awfully cheap, so we decided to get anything and everything on the menu that sounded good. 

First off our drinks.  I’ve been to Quickly with Erin before, so I know that we each ordered our regular thing.  I got a taro milk tea with tapioca.  I’ve been drinking taro milk tea since I first heard of tapioca drinks, totally by random choice.  I had never heard of taro the first time I ordered it, I don’t know what made me pick that above all the other delicious sounding flavors usually on offer at Boba shops, but it was a lucky happenstance.  I’ve kept with it because it has a delightful lavender color and a lovely rich and creamy flavor.  As for the tapioca, I don’t know.  I don’t love tapioca, but it gives you something to chew on, which is a luxury you don’t normally have when ingesting liquids through a straw. 

Erin had a cantaloupe snow.  What they call snow here is some sort of shaved ice product.  What’s so mystifying about it is its incredible smoothness.  There is nary an ice crystal to rough up your tongue.  Just a thick slush with the refreshing taste of real cantaloupe.  I don’t know how they do it. 

I’m not sure if Austin had his regular drink because I think this was the first time I’d been to Quickly with him, but he had an avocado snow.  If you’ve never tried avocado in a sweet concoction, I highly recommend it.  The bland richness of avocado works well with sugar. 

Now, what we ate.

Fried calamari rings. These were all right.  They were a little chewy because they were overcooked by a bit, but the flavor was fine.

Fried Pop Dog.  Basically, mini corn dogs.  These were probably the most delicious things we ate, even though some of them weren’t quite cooked all the way so the dough was a little wet.  They were still yummy, and I don’t even like corn dogs.

Crispy popcorn chicken rice bowl.  The popcorn chicken was pretty tasty, it had an interesting peppery spice blend in the batter that I liked.  The rice was gross though, most of that went in the trash.  My theory is that it must have been microwave cooked in that plastic bowl because it had a weird plasticky chemical aroma to it.

Tater tots!  Eh, they were ok.  I’ve had better, these were a little dried out from, again, overcooking.  It was nothing a little ketchup couldn’t fix.

Curry fish balls came in this cute box.

And they looked like this

I was thinking they would be more like a little fried fish meatball, but they were fish cake fish balls.  I’ve mentioned before that weird smooth fish sausage is not my favorite, but I actually liked these pretty well.  Still, I’m not planning on eating them again any time soon. 

And that’s that.  Another meal where  I felt a little sickly after I ate it.  I know, not a big surprise considering all the deep fried foods.  Still, I enjoyed most of it, even though Quickly needs to work on their fryer times.  In the future I’ll stick to the drinks, which they’ve never messed up for me, though I wouldn’t be averse to having a snack there from time to time.


709 Larkin



Something pretty exciting is happening tonight in the TL.  The fine folks over at The Tenderblog are putting on an evening of celebration of our fine hood at that venerable Tenderloin institution, the Edinburgh Castle.  Tonight at 8 pm Loiners with Drinks will take the stage to share memories and stories of their time in the city’s seedy underbelly.  You’re not going to want to miss this, there will be prizes and special cocktails and the chance for you to rub elbows with some of your favorite internet quasi-celebrities.   Even tell a story yourself if you’ve got one.  It’s going to be a super fun night, and if you don’t come you are probably dumb or something. 

Read all about it HERE



Jebena, Jebena, Jebena…I’ve been saying it over and over in my head and eventually it occurs to me that I could be mind-pronouncing it incorrectly.  I’ve been saying (both in my mind and actually out loud speaking it) Juh-BEAN-uh, but for all I know it could be juh-ben-ah or jeh-ben-AH.  Well.  I was thinking I could research this and get a definitive answer for y’all, but instead I’m going to go with the old adage (cliche) that “ignorance is bliss” and enjoy chanting juh-bean-uh to myself as I sit here.

Moving along to the actual point of this rambling, the story of my visit to Jebena.  I was, if I remember correctly, skipping out on the gym because I am ridiculously lazy.  Steve went without me and I went to find myself breakfast.   I strolled down the hill to the new coffee shop I’d noticed at Geary and Polk.

This being the first few weeks of its existence, Jebena was empty when I walked inside.  Today the place is hopping all the time, but today is many months later.  I ordered a cup of coffee, a healthy looking pastry from among the tempting croissants and slabs of cake, and grabbed a hard boiled egg from the cold case.  The gal behind the counter set about making my coffee, they do individual drip here.

I sat at a table by the window with my food.  Jebena is walled with windows all around and it makes for a pleasant sunny environment.  I cracked open my egg and was happy to find that it did not have the overcooked greyish yolk I am accustomed to finding in hardboiled eggs made in commercial circumstances.  This egg was in fact verging on undercooked, but it was fine, in fact it was very good.  I mean, it was a boiled egg, so as good as a boiled egg can be.  Which I guess would be very good.  Anyway.

The pastry cake thing I ordered…I’m not sure what to call it…as I mentioned before I picked it out for it’s seemingly healthy qualities.  It looked dense and full of nuts and raisins.  And indeed it was dense and nutty and full of dried fruits, but it was also unbelievably rich and buttery, with a syrupy sweetness.  I mean, it was really delicious, but it was almost definitely not too healthy.  It was so rich that it was really too much for one person. 

The coffee here was fairly unremarkable.  It was good, but not memorable.  I would come back and have coffee here if I wanted to sit and linger over it, but only because it’s one of the closest places to my house with palatable coffee that’s good for that sort of sitting and lingering.  And because they have free wi-fi.  But I’m not hankering to go back, the coffee didn’t change my life.

But it’s a nice clean place, and the people working at Jebena seem very nice.  They also have some umbrella-ed tables outside, which is a pretty cool touch, though this corner can get pretty noisy.   I suppose there’s a good chance you might get spare changed sitting outside there as well, or be subjected to some unpleasant odors.  There are pros and cons to most situations, am I right? 


990 Polk St

Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box!!!!  Ha ha, remember when you were a kid and you were like “Jack in the crack!!!!! LOL ROFL!!!1!!!!”  What a hilarious jokester you were.

I always seem to get really excited about the fast food places I go to for Goldentooth.  I don’t know what it is, I guess I still have it ingrained in my mind that fast food is this amazing special treat that I can only have once in a while.  So I get my hopes up and, invariably, they are dashed.  Remember the Mexican pizza?  Yeah.  Anyway, I got all excited all over again for Jack in the Box, but I was like REALLY excited.  Because I was finally going to try a JitB Taco!!!!!  I’d never had one before but they are crazy cheap and people love them!!!!  I imagined them to be like tacos from my favorite spot in Sactown, Jimboys, very inauthentic, very greasy, and very good.

Steve was also pretty pumped for this trip because he’d found a coupon for a free grilled deli trio sandwich and for some reason he thought one of them looked really good.  He was so excited he emailed me the coupon with the subject line “free jib yo!”  which is probably the best subject line of any email I’ve ever received.  Anyway, I doubted that his sandwich would live up to his expectations, but I figured, when else will I have Steve excited to accompany me to a fast food place? and just ran with it.

It was late-ish when we rolled up to the corner of Geary and Mason, and Jack in the Box was glowing like a Greyhound station bathroom.   Like most fast food joints, this place was populated by tourists, teenagers and vagabonds.  We ordered and got our food pretty quickly.  Steve convinced me to take our grub to the second floor dining room, a place that turned out to have a nice view of the street while also being depressing as all get out.

There were plenty of seats up there but there was only us and a largish group of high school girls gossiping in a ear twisting melding of English and Spanish.  Oh, and the intense pounding bass coming from Biscuits and Blues next door.  Anyway, time to dig in!

Again, I was going for a wide variety of menu items, though my lack of hunger pangs ended up dissuading me from going as crazy as I might have.  I ended up with two tacos

Only 99 cents!  And boy oh boy, can you taste that.  These were FOUL.   I am surprised after eating these that people have a tendency to be grossed out by pate, I’d think they’d be accustomed to it if they are fans of these tacos.  A paste of meat resembling nothing so much as cat food was smeared across the insides of a dense, chewy taco shell then sprinkled over with shredded lettuce.  It was, alas, not the taco of my dreams, and I will not be in a hurry to eat one again.

I also got an order of jalapeno poppers, after talking with a friend earlier about how Jack in the Box uses cheddar cheese in their poppers rather than cream cheese.  I love me a cheddar cheese popper so I was all set for a treat.  Of course, I was treated to nothing but disappointment, the poppers were very nearly burnt on the outside and the inside cheese was lukewarm and separated into a mess of oil and cheese-product solids.  There was, at least, a rather pleasant pepper flavor.

Steve and I shared an order of curly fries, the best “dish” of the night because, by God, curly fries are delicious and hard to fuck up.  Alongside the curly fries Steve had a side salad, which I assume was sufficiently salad-like, and the aforementioned (free) deli sandwich (yo!).

The deli trio grilled sandwich lived up to my expectations of being a horrific thing.  I think the words “creamy Italian dressing” sums it all up pretty well.  This was a greasy, slimy mess.  Steve was sad, he thought it would be like a Cubano, I think because there are pickles on it.  Let me set the record straight:  this is absolutely nothing like a Cubano.

So, surprise surprise, Steve and I didn’t like Jack in the Box.  I guess we’re a couple of snobs.  I hope you’re getting excited for our visit to Burger King!  I know I am!

Jack in the Box

400 Geary


Sam’s Diner

Sam’s Diner is on Market Street between 8th and 9th, which is like, boom! strike one.   Not exactly a dining destination, not exactly the most picturesque stretch of road in San Francisco.  And from the outside you’d have no reason to think that Sam’s wouldn’t be gross. 

The fact is,  Sam’s is pretty inoffensive.  Nothing to get all excited about, but there’s an ok chance you won’t walk away unsatisfied.  Steve and I met Sarah there for a sort of brunch. 

We sat in a booth in a sunny, high ceiling-ed dining room.  It was busy and service was a little tepid, but, like I said, it’s not fine dining so that sort of thing is to be expected.  The menu was pretty standard San Francisco diner; Benedict specials, loco moco and terriyaki, but extensive.  Also, a little pricier than I expected.  It didn’t occur to me at the time, but it makes sense now that they cater to the theater crowd (the Orpheum is just down the block).  Also, tourists.  Which I should have realized, but me, I’m so dumb I saw this place with the tables all packed and thought, “this place must be good!”  Instead of thinking, “tourists.” 

Well, whatever, it may be a tourist spot, but I thought their chili cheese omelet (they call it a Texas omelet) was mighty tasty.  And their menu states all cheese in the omelets is American unless specified, but they were happy to use cheddar instead when I asked.   Hashbrowns were good too, a little less done than what I prefer, but that wasn’t enough to stop me from stuffing them in my face.

I was so busy wolfing down my food that I failed to notice my companions were less impressed with their meals.

Sarah seemed to be pretty blah about her burger.  Though she was impressed by how bloody it was and made me take this picture of the jus soaking into the bun:

As they say, nom nom.

Steve was even more unenthused by his wedge salad and club sandwich.  So it seems I made a prudent choice in selecting breakfast over lunch.  I win again, ha ha!

I think the main deterrent that will keep me from returning to Sam’s is the price.  My omelet was over ten bucks, c’mon!  The sandwiches were a bit cheaper than that, but there’s better food for less.  Also, there’s better food for more, but it’s a lot better.  See what I mean?  Sam’s is middle of the road tourist food.  Certainly an oasis in the area, and if you’re a tourist at one of the local hotels I don’t fault you for choosing Sam’s over Carl’s Jr or All Star Donuts.  If you’re a local, you can do better. 

Sam’s Diner

1220 Market St


Lefty O’Doul’s

I went to Lefty O’Doul’s and Bamboo Pizza on the same day, Bamboo for lunch and Lefty’s for dinner.  What an unfortunate day that turned out to be.  I went to Lefty’s expecting to get some good comfort food but all I was served was disappointment.  Shed a tear for me.

Lefty O’Doul’s is a hof brau, like Tommy’s Joynt, but a little swankier, a little cleaner and a little pricier.  I appreciate their aesthetic, though I prefer the clutter and dim lighting at Tommy’s.

You order at a cafeteria-style steam table counter.  I’ll stop comparing Lefty’s to Tommy’s after this, I promise, but the guys doling out the food here are not as nice as the dudes at Tommy’s.  I imagine this is because, due to their proximity to Union Square, they are serving a lot more tourists, and nobody likes that, am I right? 

Steve and I got our food and paid, and were directed to a table.  A waitress came by to take our drink orders.  I asked her about a happy hour menu that was on our table, and she said, oh, the prices on there are wrong, the cocktails are $6, not $5, and that menu shouldn’t be on your table, I need to take that.  Ok, I said, and ordered a bloody mary anyway.  Steve ordered a beer.  As the waitress started to leave I tried to stop her to give her the happy hour menu she said she needed to take but she got away.  The menu stayed on our table for our whole meal.

Ugh.  This bloody mary.  When I tasted it I figured either they made it with ketchup or there was some sort of mis-measurement of ingredients because it was SO sweet.  It turns out that Lefty’s has their own signature bloody mary mix.  They’re so proud of it in fact, that they bottle it and sell it at the restaurant.  What the fuck?  Who wants a sweet bloody mary?  Isn’t the point of a bloody mary to be savory and spicy?  I just don’t get it.

On to the food I suppose.

Here’s my dinner, roast beef with green beans and mashed potatoes and a pasta salad.  The roast beef was cold and too tough to chew.  Green beans were cold and bland.  The mashed potatoes were warm-ish and the gravy at least was hot.  Actually the taters and gravy were pretty tasty.  The rest of the plate required copious amounts of horseradish to get down my gullet.  The pasta salad was meh personified. 

Steve had a turkey enchilada.  He liked it all right.  I thought it was pretty bland. 

I also ate this cherry pie.  It was fine, a little tart for my palate, but I think that is probably just how cherry pie is, it’s just not my taste.  The crust was pretty tasty.  Also in the above photo you can see probably the most exciting part of the meal, other than the olives in my bloody mary: the assortment of Beaver mustards available.  I love a good selection of mustard.

So, boo to Lefty O’Doul’s.  I’m taking it off my list of restaurants at which I’m willing to eat.  Even beyond the food, they had some weird gathering of old people there that night, and they were managing things very poorly.  Bizarrely they had given people tickets to take up to the counter to get food.  There were at least 80 people in this group if not more.  I can’t imagine anything less efficient for a restaurant that is still attempting to serve other customers.  It was very strange.  So yeah, I’m done with Lefty’s.  Over and out.

Lefty O’Doul’s

333 Geary St


Bamboo Pizza

Ok folks, this is it.  Bamboo Pizza.  The scariest restaurant I’ve ever eaten at, and maybe the scariest I ever will eat at.  Definitely it will be in the top ten I imagine.  I rode by this place on my bike a couple times before I ate there and didn’t think it could be a real restaurant, it was either an empty storefront and/or it was named by someone who didn’t know what “pizza” means.  There was no way that there could be a place called Bamboo Pizza really serving pizza.  Turns out I was wrong. 

Judging by this sunbleached poster thing in the front window, Bamboo Pizza has been serving slices for some time.  The mystery (one of them at least, there are dozens of mysteries surrounding this place) is how are they selling enough of them to stay open.

Upon entering Bamboo Pizza, Steve and I saw a table of four old Asian gentlemen (Steve and I disagree on whether the proprieter and this group of gentlemen were Chinese or Vietnamese) and this terrifying hot food display.  Being confronted with this filthy glass encasement, I began to feel panicky.  There was no menu, and no sign of any food being made to order.  This was it.  It looked fucking scary.  The pizza was unlike any pizza I’ve ever seen,  it looked like a frozen pizza that had been reheated and reheated and reheated until the cheese and sauce began to congeal and become one entity.  The potato wedges were glistening and wet.  The baked chicken (you are so lucky I didn’t get a good picture of it) looked like the chicken they cook in Gone With the Wind during the war when they’re nearly out of food; scrawny and almost black, with skin drawn taut over bones.  The fried chicken was not the color fried chicken should be.  It was all just so wrong. 

Steve ordered first because I was sort of in a state of shock.  He got fried chicken and potatoes.  I figured we might as well try everything they had, so I ordered the pizza and the baked chicken.  I ended up getting fried chicken and potatoes.  I don’t know if this was due to there being a language barrier, or if the dude just recognized that I really didn’t want to eat that pizza.  Our lunches (plus drinks, Steve had a coffee and I got a Tiki Punch) totalled up to eight dollars.  EIGHT DOLLARS.  A quarter of a chicken for two dollars.  Potatoes for one dollar.  Drinks, at one dollar each, were the most expensive things in the place.  It was mental.

Ugh, looking at this picture of what I ate is turning my stomach.  Look at those potatoes, my god!  I know you want a close up:


So, the thing is this food wasn’t TERRIBLE.  Hear me out.  It wasn’t good, certainly, the chicken was very salty and pretty tough and the potatoes…well the potatoes were pretty disgusting.  Intensely greasy, odd tasting and unevenly cooked, sometimes mushy sometimes crunchy, like an apple.  But the point is that nothing tasted rotten or putrid.  Everything tasted like it wasn’t fresh, but not like it had gone bad.  Well, everything except for the ketchup.  I started off dipping my potatoes in it, but noticed it was very sour and sort of effervescent.  I said to Steve, hey I think that ketchup is starting to go off, and he said, really?  as he squirted more onto his plate.  Guess which of us ended up with a stomach ache later?

The reason I couldn’t finish my food (or even my Tiki Punch!) was that I was so grossed out by the scary filthiness of the restaurant that I couldn’t stop thinking about it everytime I would bring a morsel to my mouth.  They even had a disgusting dirty TV-VCR set up on which they were showing some video of a concert or something.

One of those videos was titled “Jekyll and Hyde Together Again” which sounds pretty great.

There was a lot of weirdness going on while we were there.  To begin with, the four old dudes were there when we got there and still there when we left, showing no sign of budging.  They weren’t eating, they were playing cards but displayed no evidence that they were gambling.  Several people came in to buy food, not homeless people, but certainly very poor people.  That’s how we learned that slices of that gnarly pizza cost only one dollar.  One lady came in, we didn’t really pay that much attention to her at first because we thought she was just getting food.  She got my attention when she started very loudly talking about how someone had jumped out a window up the street on Ellis.  Then she left, with no food, but Steve insists that he saw money change hands between her and the proprietor.  So what else is this dude selling?  Also strange; a refrigerator like an ice cream display, about waist level with a sliding door on top, with what looked like old Jug Wine jugs full of what looked like olives.  I didn’t notice until we were leaving that there seemed to be a sandwich prep area in the back with a giant jar of peanut butter on it.  So the point is I have no idea what is going on with this place.  I just know that I never want to go back, and I recommend you avoid it at all costs.

Bamboo Pizza

407 Ellis

Their Yelp Page (two reviews!  amazing!)