Ryoko’s Japanese Restaurant and Bar


I had a couple of beers at my house, then I went to the Edinburgh Castle and had a couple more.  By the time I descended into the cave-like Ryoko’s, I was a little tipsy for sure.  We ordered food, I’m not sure what exactly, some sushi rolls and nigiri, and more beer.  We had some miso soup,

drank more beer,

then sushi was brought out. 

I’m pretty sure I ate one piece before I got wrapped up in talking with my friends and drinking more beer and taking photos.  When I finally tired of the sound of my own voice and went back for another piece of sushi, it was all gone.  I’m not really sure how I got so distracted that I neglected to eat. 

I needed to get something in my stomach, and Sarah was still peckish as well, so we ordered bowls of rice and they were quite satisfying with a little soy sauce.  Then we all enjoyed some strawberry and green tea mochi before exiting into the night. 

Am I upset I mostly missed out on the food at Ryoko’s?  Eh, not really.  I feel like I got the main thing they’re pushing there, which is the atmosphere.  I think I did it just right, and had a great time. 

Ryoko’s Japanese Restaurant and Bar

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