It was sunny and gorgeous out when Steve and I met Jessie and Justin for lunch at Borobudur.  That’s why all these photos turned out so nicely.

I guess Borobudur can get a little fancy at night, but we were there for lunch so things felt pretty casual.  There were only a few other occupied tables.

Our server was brisk but nice, though also a bit distracted.  It was a warm day so cold drinks were in order.  Thai iced teas, iced coffees and beers were ordered.

Steve ordered a snack for us to share as a starter, this fish cracker thing called Kerupuk Palembang.  It’s not the first thing I would have chosen, but I was interested to try it.

It was rather like a cross between a shrimp chip (in flavor and texture) and a funnel cake (in appearance).  As it was quite insubstantial, it wasn’t especially satisfying, but the spicy peanut dipping sauce was nice.  I suppose since it wasn’t at all filling it was a reasonable appetizer.

Our lunches arrived and everybody’s food looked lovely, especially Jessie and Justin’s rice plates.

I don’t remember which plates they had, I think maybe the Nasi Uduk Lengkap?  And something else?  Whichever they had, all the rice plates are about 10 bucks, which is not a terrible price for a good amount of food, especially when some of it is white rice sculpted into a precious tower.

Steve had the barbecue chicken (ayam bakar cabe) which he said was just fine.

I had soto ayam, a slightly sweet soup that managed to be smooth and creamy without being heavy in the least.

I love those crispy wafers they topped the soup with, I’m still not sure if they’re shrimp chips or what, but they’re so good when they soak up some of the broth.

Borobudur runs a little rich for my blood, so chances are I won’t be back anytime soon.  If you’re poor like me, or a bit miserly, I think it’s a good option if you’ve got guests; for lunch if you’re looking for something a little cleaner and prettier than your average Southeast Asian spot, or if you want to splurge a bit on dinner.  I’d say, a nice place to take your parents.


700 Post Street

Indonesia Restaurant

Another rainy night, and another dinner with Sarah, so Indonesia Restaurant was another choice of convenience, born out of the desire to stay as dry as possible.  I put on a dress and boots because I figured that was the best rain gear I could put together, boots would keep my feet dry and I wouldn’t have heavy jeans soaking up every drop of water.  It turned out to be a pretty good plan, except the under-skirt slip thingy rode up and made for an uncomfortable skulk to the bathroom to adjust myself, where I accidentally opened the door on somebody.  But I’m getting ahead of myself a bit.

Sarah had gone to Walgreens before we met and her bag had gotten really wet in the rain, so she asked the waiter who’d seated us for a plastic bag to carry it in, and he very nicely gave her one.  We talked about how the bag could be turned into an awesome tank top very easily, just a few quick cuts.  So look out for that next big fashion thing.

Sarah also thought I should document the hot-kid honey ball cookies she bought at Walgreens and the elegantly folded napkins at the restaurant, so here we are.

The menu is split into Indonesian and Thai sections.   I guess this used to be a solely Indonesian restaurant, but sometime in the recent past they became a Thai restaurant as well.  It’s my understanding that this space has been through many incarnations of Indonesian restaurants of some kind.  Anyway, we ordered mostly from the Indonesian side.  We started off with perkedel,

which was a soft beef and potato cake sort of thing.  It was not like anything I’ve had before, when we ordered it I was expecting something more like a dumpling, but this was like a fish cake or a dry meatball.  Not my favorite ever, but it wasn’t bad.  I probably wouldn’t be in a hurry to order it again though.

I ordered the veggie fried rice with anchovies.  It was pretty good, there were a lot of vegetables in it and not just frozen carrot cubes and peas, there were green beans and peppers and some sort of leafy green.  The anchovies were a tad too salty for me though. 

It looked really pretty though.  Indonesia was pretty big on presentation.

Sarah ordered some sort of coconut milk curry chicken soup.  I can’t remember what it was called, and I’m having trouble finding the menu we ordered from online.  Maybe they’ve changed things up again?  Anyway, I tried some of her soup and I liked it.  Usually I find coconut milk based soups too thick, they coat the inside of your mouth with an oily feeling, but this had the flavor of the milk, but the consistency of the broth was thin and pleasant, and there was a strong spice flavor.  I thought it was very good.

Finally we come to the most exciting thing about Indonesia Restaurant: dessert.

This chocolate roti is probably one of the most indulgent desserts ever.  I’ve had roti at Thai places before, but usually just plain or with a fruit sauce, never with chocolate.  This was so good, kind of like a chocolate croissant, but if you’d soaked the croissant in condensed milk.  Crazy, and again, very pretty.  This is the kind of thing I could eat until I made myself sick.  Is that oversharing? 

So I liked Indonesia Restaurant, it was a pleasant space with nice people and pretty tasty food.  I’m definitely intrigued enough to want to go back, there are so many dishes on the menu I’ve never tried before, and this meal was a good indication that if I do try them I’ll enjoy them.

Indonesia Restaurant

678 Post St

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