It was sunny and gorgeous out when Steve and I met Jessie and Justin for lunch at Borobudur.  That’s why all these photos turned out so nicely.

I guess Borobudur can get a little fancy at night, but we were there for lunch so things felt pretty casual.  There were only a few other occupied tables.

Our server was brisk but nice, though also a bit distracted.  It was a warm day so cold drinks were in order.  Thai iced teas, iced coffees and beers were ordered.

Steve ordered a snack for us to share as a starter, this fish cracker thing called Kerupuk Palembang.  It’s not the first thing I would have chosen, but I was interested to try it.

It was rather like a cross between a shrimp chip (in flavor and texture) and a funnel cake (in appearance).  As it was quite insubstantial, it wasn’t especially satisfying, but the spicy peanut dipping sauce was nice.  I suppose since it wasn’t at all filling it was a reasonable appetizer.

Our lunches arrived and everybody’s food looked lovely, especially Jessie and Justin’s rice plates.

I don’t remember which plates they had, I think maybe the Nasi Uduk Lengkap?  And something else?  Whichever they had, all the rice plates are about 10 bucks, which is not a terrible price for a good amount of food, especially when some of it is white rice sculpted into a precious tower.

Steve had the barbecue chicken (ayam bakar cabe) which he said was just fine.

I had soto ayam, a slightly sweet soup that managed to be smooth and creamy without being heavy in the least.

I love those crispy wafers they topped the soup with, I’m still not sure if they’re shrimp chips or what, but they’re so good when they soak up some of the broth.

Borobudur runs a little rich for my blood, so chances are I won’t be back anytime soon.  If you’re poor like me, or a bit miserly, I think it’s a good option if you’ve got guests; for lunch if you’re looking for something a little cleaner and prettier than your average Southeast Asian spot, or if you want to splurge a bit on dinner.  I’d say, a nice place to take your parents.


700 Post Street