Quickly is a Taiwanese tapioca drink and snack shop that is heavily represented in the SF Bay area.  You might remember the name from the whole Ed Jew controversy.  No?  You forgot about old Ed Jew already, huh?  I wonder what that guy’s up to…anyway, I know what I was up to a few months ago, and that was hitting up the Quickly on Larkin with my pals Erin and Austin.

Quickly has an absolutely massive menu.  There are milk teas, smoothies, snows, juices and a plethora of mostly fried snacks.  It’s pretty overwhelming to be honest.  But everything is awfully cheap, so we decided to get anything and everything on the menu that sounded good. 

First off our drinks.  I’ve been to Quickly with Erin before, so I know that we each ordered our regular thing.  I got a taro milk tea with tapioca.  I’ve been drinking taro milk tea since I first heard of tapioca drinks, totally by random choice.  I had never heard of taro the first time I ordered it, I don’t know what made me pick that above all the other delicious sounding flavors usually on offer at Boba shops, but it was a lucky happenstance.  I’ve kept with it because it has a delightful lavender color and a lovely rich and creamy flavor.  As for the tapioca, I don’t know.  I don’t love tapioca, but it gives you something to chew on, which is a luxury you don’t normally have when ingesting liquids through a straw. 

Erin had a cantaloupe snow.  What they call snow here is some sort of shaved ice product.  What’s so mystifying about it is its incredible smoothness.  There is nary an ice crystal to rough up your tongue.  Just a thick slush with the refreshing taste of real cantaloupe.  I don’t know how they do it. 

I’m not sure if Austin had his regular drink because I think this was the first time I’d been to Quickly with him, but he had an avocado snow.  If you’ve never tried avocado in a sweet concoction, I highly recommend it.  The bland richness of avocado works well with sugar. 

Now, what we ate.

Fried calamari rings. These were all right.  They were a little chewy because they were overcooked by a bit, but the flavor was fine.

Fried Pop Dog.  Basically, mini corn dogs.  These were probably the most delicious things we ate, even though some of them weren’t quite cooked all the way so the dough was a little wet.  They were still yummy, and I don’t even like corn dogs.

Crispy popcorn chicken rice bowl.  The popcorn chicken was pretty tasty, it had an interesting peppery spice blend in the batter that I liked.  The rice was gross though, most of that went in the trash.  My theory is that it must have been microwave cooked in that plastic bowl because it had a weird plasticky chemical aroma to it.

Tater tots!  Eh, they were ok.  I’ve had better, these were a little dried out from, again, overcooking.  It was nothing a little ketchup couldn’t fix.

Curry fish balls came in this cute box.

And they looked like this

I was thinking they would be more like a little fried fish meatball, but they were fish cake fish balls.  I’ve mentioned before that weird smooth fish sausage is not my favorite, but I actually liked these pretty well.  Still, I’m not planning on eating them again any time soon. 

And that’s that.  Another meal where  I felt a little sickly after I ate it.  I know, not a big surprise considering all the deep fried foods.  Still, I enjoyed most of it, even though Quickly needs to work on their fryer times.  In the future I’ll stick to the drinks, which they’ve never messed up for me, though I wouldn’t be averse to having a snack there from time to time.


709 Larkin


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