Village Pizzeria

It’s getting down to the nitty-gritty in terms of Tenderloin pizza places.  Not that there was too far to go to get there.  The neighborhood is certainly not known for great Italian food.  What it could possibly be said to be known for is a lot of slice places that you’d only eat at if you weren’t sober.  Village Pizzeria ended up on the last-ditch list because Steve thought the pizza at the other location, on Clement street, was bad.  I was willing to give this location, on Van Ness, the benefit of the doubt.  Especially after looking over their menu, which had so many tasty sounding special pizzas that it was really difficult to choose just one to order.  It’s nice that they have on their online ordering menu a half and half pizza choice, and for each half you can choose from a drop down menu of all their specialty pizzas.  There’s no hemming and hawing and/or having to call and ask whether they’ll do half and half.  It’s a small thing, but it made me pretty happy.

We ordered the fresh garden salad

which, to be honest, we chose because the rest of the salads seemed outrageously expensive.  The Greek salad was more than 9 bucks.  I suppose it’s possible that the salads are meant to be meals on their own, but still.  They seem a little overpriced.  The green salad was more reasonably priced at $6.25, and it was good.  I liked the combination of romaine, red leaf and butter lettuces, all of which were crisp and fresh tasting.  I got the house vinaigrette dressing, which was a little overly oily, but still tasty and cheesy. 

After a good deal of back and forth, we decided on a half prosciutto special, half supreme chicken pizza.  The prosciutto special was good, it had artichoke hearts and pesto, which are a couple of my favorite ingredients, but with the sun-dried tomatoes it was a little too sweet for my taste.  Steve and I disagreed on this though, he preferred the prosciutto and I preferred the supreme chicken.  I love green onions and fresh tomatoes on pizza, and as I suspected, I loved the broccoli.  Recently oven roasting has become my favorite method of cooking broccoli, so it seemed natural to make the move to broccoli pizza.  If you are a fan of the cruciferous vegetable and haven’t tried it as a pizza topping, you are missing out.  Anyway, beyond the novelty of the toppings, this was a pretty nice pizza; not too sweet nor overly thick of crust, and good sauce applied with a judicious hand.  I’m not rushing to tell all my friends and acquaintances that they MUST. GO. NOW.  but I am saying that it was a very solid good. 

Village Pizzeria

1243 Van Ness Ave

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