Piccolo Pizza

I’m pretty disgusted how much I let my life be dictated by the rain.  I don’t know exactly when I started hating the rain so vehemently, when I was much younger I loved it.  Now though, I am utterly disgusted by the very thought of rain.  I guess it’s a matter of choice; before it was my decision to go out and splash around and get soaked, now that I’m forced to find a way to transport myself to and from work everyday without a car taking me door to door it’s a different story.  Anyway, this is the story of yet another meal that was planned around the fact that it was a rainy night.  Yes, that means delivery.

Piccolo pizza is a mostly delivery and takeout place; they do have seating there, but I’d wager that’s not how they do the vast majority of their business.  When Steve and I lived out in the Richmond we ordered pizza once and the guy who delivered it (or the guy who took the order, I can’t remember) was our neighbor, which was a funny coincidence.  Unfortunately we didn’t like the pizza that well and never ordered from the place again, which apparently caused Steve to feel guilty.  He says that Piccolo was the place from that story, and I don’t remember so I’ll have to just believe him.  The reason I’m telling you that story is to explain why we didn’t order pizza.  I was a little confused myself when I was downloading the pictures; I thought to myself, “could I really have forgotten to take any pictures of the pizza?”  Steve had to jog my memory.  He’s pretty helpful to have around. 

We started off with the Mediterrean Salad, which is just a basic green salad with olives, carrots and onions.

I was glad to get a nice fresh salad, I’m so tired of getting the ubiquitous spring mix from a bag with the ineveitable slimy bits.  The Italian dressing they provided was also surprisingly yummy, very cheesy. 

N0t that we were lacking for cheese, since we also ordered garlic bread with mozarella

This is the half order.  Of course, this was fucking delicious.  It’s hard to screw up garlic cheese bread, you know?  It came with a ranch dipping sauce, which was totally unnecessary, but if you put a ranch dipping sauce in front of me I’m not going to be able to say no. 

Really though, I probably should have refrained from the dip because the hot wings we ordered also came with ranch

Not much to look at are they?  But they were surprisingly good; I was pretty worried because when I picked one up and bit into it, the only way to properly describe the texture I encountered is flabby.  That is pretty much never a good thing, especially for hot wings, which you would generally like to be a little crisp on the outside and meaty of the inside.  The flavor, though, was great, and the meat ended up being very tender and juicy.  I would probably have to say that these were some of the best wings I’ve had in some time. 

My enjoyment of this meal made me rather anxious to try their pizza again.  I guess, really, it would be like trying it again for the first time, since I truly have no recollection of eating it before.  The high quality of the food I ate makes me dubious that their pizza could be really horrible.  Plus, their yelp reviews are fairly stellar for the type of joint they’re running.  I don’t have much else to say, so let’s end with a photo of my greasy fingers clutching a hot wing soaked in ranch, shall we?

Piccolo Pizza

799 O’Farrell

Website with Online Ordering

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