Hi y’all, just a few things I wanted to bring up real quick.  First of all, there is a new, shorter and easier to remember url to use to find this blog.  Now, instead of all that dot this dot that stuff, you can just type  How easy is that?  I know it’s made my life a lot better.

Second, I’ve added some search functions in the bar over there to the right.  There is a drop down menu where you can find a particular restaurant by name, or find all the restaurants that serve a particular cuisine.  I’m thinking of also adding the ability to search by street, I’d love feedback from you guys if you think that would be helpful or not.  Also, there is a search bar at the very bottom, if you, say, are wondering “what was that restaurant Mel went to with her dad?”  you can type “dad” into the search bar and it’ll take you to all the posts where I mention good old dad.  This is all very exciting stuff, no?

So thanks for reading, I hope you’ve been enjoying everything so far and that maybe you’ve been intrigued by some of these places, maybe even enough to visit somewhere new.  I have a lot of stuff in bullpen just waiting to get posted, so be sure to check back often.  Or you could always follow me on twitter or become a fan on facebook.



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