Ananda Fuara

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope that you all have a really great 2010 and that you try some really awesome new (to you at least) restaurants this year.  I have a feeling it’s going to an interesting one.

Well, let’s start a new year at Goldentooth with an old favorite of mine, Ananda Fuara.  Steve and I started going to Ananda Fuara when we first started on our “healthy living” escapades.  We didn’t do a lot of eating out because we were being pretty strict with our diets.  When we discovered Ananda Fuara it was like a miracle.  We could go out to a restaurant and not feel super crappy about it afterwards!  And the food was pretty delicious!  And it looks pretty creepy from the outside, but on the inside it’s actually super nice!

I guess there are a couple things about Ananda Fuara that put people off.  One, it’s vegetarian, and people who aren’t vegetarians sometimes freak out if they can’t eat meat.  It’s not vegan though, okay guys?  You can still get hella cheese, which is nothing to sneeze at.  Two, it’s run by a cult.  They are led by this guy who is hella strong (there are pictures of him lifting like 700 pounds!) and likes to paint.  You can see videos of him painting at the restaurant, and postcards of his works are on each table.

The last sort of yucky thing about Ananda Fuara is that it is right on Market street without much else going on in the immediate area businesses-wise, so there is always a choice selection of derelicts in the vicinity.  I’ve never been hassled by anyone, and once you get inside it looks like this;

Kind of like your aunt’s house or something, if your aunt lived in a restaurant.  So don’t worry about it, just get inside and everything will be fine.

It was pretty cold this evening, so I ordered a teeccino

This is their fake coffee drink.  It’s got chicory, almonds, barley and some other stuff in it.  Mostly it tastes like sweet hot milk.  I think that’s what people like these days, and certainly I like it these days.  I can pretend like I’m drinking a latte and not have to worry about being up til 4 in the morning because I am a child who can’t have caffeine past 12 noon. 

I’m always tempted by the appetizers like the “chicken” nuggets, the samosas, the nachos…but the meals here are super filling.  I was considering one of the salads because I was reading stuff by this crazy guy and I was like, yeah, I guess I could stand to eat less carbs.  In the end though, I couldn’t resist the curry dinner

Everyday they have a different special entrée, curry, garnish, soup and gelato and sorbet.  The curry that day was matar paneer, peas with fresh cheese.  I love paneer, and though the curry at Ananda Fuara is extremely mild, it’s certainly comparable in flavor to most Indian places in San Francisco, and I’d wager a good deal healthier.  The curry dinner comes with naan, which in this case was stained bright yellow and was soft and pillowy and sweet.  Nothing to write home about, no crispy charred bits, but they’re doing their best; they certainly don’t have a tandoori oven here.  It also comes with a pretty delicious rendition of raita and a really tasty sweet chutney, which tastes kind of like apple sauce if it were made with apricots and pineapple instead of apples.  Oh, and rice of course, which was fine. 

Steve ordered the same thing he orders probably 80% of the time we go to Ananda Fuara, the Ensalada Mexicana.  It is a pretty tasty salad, what’s kind of neat about it is they put hot rice and beans on top of the cold lettuce, which results in slightly wilted greens, which is something I’m pretty wild for. 

I wanted to try one of their awesome vegan baked goods for dessert but, even though my dinner didn’t look like it was that big, I was absolutely stuffed.  As usual, everything was tasty and fresh, served with a pleasant attitude and very affordable.  I think one would be hard pressed to find nothing to like at Ananda Fuara.  It’s one of those places you can overlook or look down at forever, but you shouldn’t.  You should give it a try and you will find yourself won over, I’m pretty sure.

Ananda Fuara

1298 Market

2 thoughts on “Ananda Fuara

  1. I used to work up the street from this place and was always curious but never managed to actually eat there. I think I was convinced it was Brazilian for a while. But I’ll have to check it out when I’m back in the city, it sounds tasty and pretty entertaining (especially the cult part).

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