Be a Fan

Hey y’all!  I just wanted to stop in for a mo and let you know that Goldentooth now has a page on Facebook!  So you can become a fan, and then you’ll get updates when there’s a new post, as well as sneak peeks at photos and maybe hints as to where I’ll strike next.  I might also be asking for dining companions from time to time.  Right now there is no good link for the page, but I think you are all familiar with Facebook, right?  So just go there, search for Goldentooth in the search bar and you can’t miss it!  Exciting, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Be a Fan

  1. You’re making Eugene seem even less appetizing. Thanks. I guess I like the photo – yeah, <> [to be said in a Harry Christmas voice]. I hope you start going around in nothing but gold spandex or gold body paint. After all, it’s only a rumor that the Bond girl died. Would you be in the market for any vegetarian dining companions starting July/August?

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