Blogroll Update

Hi y’all; no, no real update yet, though I’m giving you a little tease with the above photo.  I just wanted to alert you that I have updated by blogroll over there with some of my favorite food and SF-centric blogs.  They are sites that I read nearly every day and really enjoy, so I think/hope you might enjoy them as well.  I also wanted to ask for help; I’m always on the lookout for new reading material, so if anyone has any suggestions on good San Francisco material blogs I’d love it if you’d share!  Thanks in advance. 

I’m hoping to get some new restaurant posts up this week, I’ve really been lagging.  I’ve got a couple that are nearly ready to go, and I’m going to try to go out to some new places this week, because I’ll be out of town the last week of this month.  I’ll be in San Diego, and I know that’s pretty far from the Tenderloin, but I will be posting pictures of my eating adventures from the trip to banana hamburger.   banana hamburger is my new tumblr blog where I’m posting photos and thoughts from dining escapades outside the TL.  Probably a good place to go when this blog gets neglected for a while.  There’s a hot tip for ya.

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