Little Delhi

Here we are, another Sunday night, I’m home alone, too lazy to cook, or even to leave my house.  You know what that means; delivery!  I don’t know what I’d do without delivery.  Probably be healthier..but not happier!  I mean, I guess it’s not very environmentally conscious, especially considering that most of the restaurants I order from are easy walking distance from my house…okay, I need to stop thinking of negatives!  I want to enjoy the (increasingly rare) treat that is ordering in.  So, I decided Indian sounded good, and Little Delhi has pretty good reviews on, and they offer online ordering, which is awesome because I don’t like to use the phone.  Really. 

Delivery was pretty quick, and I was enamored with the way they wrote the names of the dishes on the packaging;

This is the papri chaat ($3.99), and this is what it looked like when I opened up the clamshell container;

Holy crap!  I had never heard of this before I ordered it, but now that I’ve had it I’m wondering why I don’t eat it every single day.  The description is so unassuming; homemade chips, potatoes, garbanzo beans, yogurt and chutney.  I thought it would be like papadums with dipping sauces.  It turned out to be more like Indian nachos.  The combo of chutney and yogurt was the perfect blend of creamy and tangy.  The chips (I think they must have been some sort of fried dough) were totally crispy on the outside but nicely chewy and soft on the inside.  The garbanzo beans were the only component of this dish that were not working, the daal like beans had a flavor reminiscent of a rubber band and because of that I would be discouraged from ordering other garbanzo bean dishes from Little Delhi in the future.  Luckily, what with all the amazing flavors zinging about in my mouth, it was easy to excuse this error.  I gobbled this up FAST and was really sad when it was all gone.  Like, I’ll have to get two orders next time.

I was excited about the tomato soup ($2.99) I ordered because I love soup, and I was even more excited when I opened it up and saw a half of a lemon floating in the container.

Yum.  I was a little disappointed because the description of this soup mentioned coriander and cumin but I detected neither of those flavors.  It tasted like tomato soup with lemon in it, which is wonderful, but not what I expected.  I was able to put away the slight disappointment I had over the lack of spices because of the texture of the soup.  It was astoundingly velvety, unlike any tomato soup I’ve had before.  I surmised that it must have contained a ton of butter, though I didn’t detect any dairy flavor so I could be wrong (though, as you can see in the photo, the surface of the soup is shimmering the way butter can make things shimmer), in which case I am dying to know how they achieved the effect!  Or whatever, they can keep it a secret, just send me more soup!

Sorry for the quality of the photo, but hey, if there’s one thing we all know, it’s that Indian food is often not pretty.  Doesn’t mean it’s not delicious.  I mean, in this case it did, but it doesn’t always.  This is the saag paneer ($7.99), spinach with cubes of fresh cheese, one of my favorite Indian dishes.  Little Delhi let me down a little with their version, though that statement comes with a caveat.  The spinach wasn’t bad, just bland, and I believe that comes partially from my choice of spiciness.  I was excited that they offer to cook your dish to your preferred level of heat, and since I wasn’t feeling like suffering heart burn all night I choose the mildest level.  Next time I would certainly choose at least the medium heat, if not a higher level.  And I would be willing to try the saag paneer again, it wasn’t gross, the cheese was a little firmer than I prefer, but it was pretty good.  I also ordered the Little Delhi special bread ($3.50), which was the big disappointment of the meal.  The menu promises a naan stuffed with chicken, onions and cottage cheese, but I found the stuffing to be indeterminate, I couldn’t tell what the heck it was, by sight or by taste.  The naan was pretty soggy but too dry at the same time.  I’ve had few successes with stuffed naan and fewer with delivered naan.  I think it might be time to give up trying.

Rice ($2.00) was fine.  I’m used to the “plain” rice at Indian restaurants being saffron flavored but this one was really just plain basmati rice.  They do offer a saffron scented rice that’s not a biryani, but it also contains peas and fried onions, which I wasn’t in the mood for, and it costs twice as much as the “plain” rice, which already seemed a little pricey to me (though you do get a gigantic container of rice). 

I am really anxious to order from Little Delhi again, if only for the Papri Chaat.  I’m sure I will be some Sunday night not too far in the future.  A night when I’m not scared of a little spice.  And not in the mood for garbanzo beans.

Little Delhi

83 Eddy St

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