Irving Pizza

It was tuesday, I was attending my last pub quiz of the season at the Edinburgh Castle and I was feeling lazy so I went to Irving Pizza for dinner.  It’s two or so doors down from the bar, which is very convenient.  Also convenient, they are open til two or three in the morning every night.  So, if you’ve been out at the bars, their slices are pretty good.  Or, if you’ve been boozing it up at home, their delivery is better.  I wasn’t in the mood for pizza and I wanted to try something new so I ordered a cheeseburger.  It’s about seven bucks and it comes with fries. 

I sat at one of the tiny tables in the store and waited for my burger to come up.  Irving Pizza is not much for ambience.  If you are planning on eating in you had better be drunk and with at least two other drunk friends.  Otherwise, you will probably be weirded out by old ladies coming inside and rifling through the trash looking for cans or by random homeless people wandering around outside the door.  Or you will feel lonely sitting there by your sober self, watching Friends with the counter guy.  The guys who work there are pretty nice, they’re efficient and calm in a way that comes from dealing with crazy and/or drunk people all hours of the night. 

Sorry for the very very horrible quality of the food pictures but I took these inside the Edinburgh Castle and it is dark in there.  Anyway, here are the burger and fries, in all their glory.  I haven’t had a burger like an Irving Street Pizza burger in quite a long time.  It took me back to my elementary school cafeteria.  It was definitely a frozen patty that came out of a box with dozens of other patties just like it; perfectly round, perfectly flat.  Throughout it was that purplish-grey color you find in meat that is actually full of something other than meat and there were plenty of chewy gristly bits.  You know though, I didn’t find this burger entirely unpleasant.  I certainly wouldn’t order it again, but it was kind of a nice nostalgic experience eating it.  It didn’t taste bad, just average.  Actually, the bun was quite nice, and it was loaded with fresh veggies.  The only really bad thing was that they put pepperocinis on it, and they were just a bit too spicy. 

Oh, the fries?  I didn’t actually eat more than a couple, I was pretty stuffed after the burger, but they were unremarkable.  Creamy on the inside, greaseless, but definitely from frozen and in need of some salt.

This block of Geary is kind of gross, there’re a lot of people of the smelly variety milling about.  I wouldn’t suggest making a special trip, but there are a lot of popular bars in the area and it’s not unlikely that you’ll find yourself at one of them one night.  In that case, this is a perfectly serviceable place to grab a slice post getting your drink on.  Otherwise, if you’re dying to try them, I’d suggest getting delivery.  But steer clear of the burger, unless you’re craving a flashback to your K-6 days.

Irving Pizza

928 Geary

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