eating the TL

I was inspired today to set a goal for myself, and a new direction for this blog.  I saw a blog called Eating Clement Street which is written by a woman who recently moved to the Inner Richmond and has decided to eat at every restaurant on Clement.  The Inner Richmond just happens to be my old hood, so I was keen to see what this blog had to say, and quickly found that it clashed with me.  Already, after only four restaurants written up.  So, as a rebuttal, I’ve decided that I will eat at and blog about every eating establishment in the Tenderloin.  I don’t know exactly how that is a rebuttal…one might say I’m just ripping this Clement Street blogger off.  Or that I’m ripping off the multitudes that she is ripping off.  A real rebuttal would be to eat at the places she goes to and write a blog about that…but I don’t live in the Inner Richmond anymore, I live in Lower Nob Hill.  The Tendernob, if you will (and I won’t).  So, I’m eating the TL.  Now, a few clarifications.  This is the Tenderloin neighborhood as defined by Yelp.  The borders are Franklin on the west, Powell on the east, Post on the north and about a third of a block south of Market (even with Stevenston Alley) on the south.  This is not how I would define the Tenderloin, (I would call it between Post and Market and Taylor and Van Ness) but it makes it easier to just go with Yelp.  I will be going to restaurants, bars , cafes, corner stores; any place serving food that is not a grocery store.  I am filtering out the more expensive places (I’m not rich) with Yelp’s qualification system, which means I am going to places with one or two dollar signs.  Also, I will be going to chain and fast food restaurants, but I won’t be going to Starbucks.  That is my one exception.  Through my Yelp research I am starting with a list of 251 restaurants.  I may find out that some of these restaurants are no longer open.  I may come across newly opened restaurants as time goes on.  I’ll cross all bridges as they come.  I will be visiting these restaurants in no particular order, just whatever strikes my fancy.  I hope that that is enough exposition because I can’t think of anything else to say.  I hope you are looking forward to some interesting adventures, because things can get pretty interesting in the Tenderloin.

4 thoughts on “eating the TL

  1. i love this idea! i’m looking forward to reading!~

    i can’t say i like this clement street blog. who goes to giorgio’s and doesn’t order pizza? and who likes villiage pizzeria? maybe *i* should do a rebuttal.

    are you also going to do yelp reviews?

    • hi erin! i miss you, we should hang soon. maybe we can go to one of the restaurants on my list…anyway, in response to your questions, seriously? who wouldn’t order pizza at giorgio’s? it’s craziness. i’m glad you said that because that is exactly what i said when i read it. you totally should do a rebuttal. that would be fun. i probably won’t do yelp reviews because i feel like yelp is for yelp people, know what i mean? like people are writing reviews on yelp primarily to impress other people in the yelp community, or to connect to other yelp people. but do you think i should?

  2. I’d be interested in hearing if any of these places ever make you ill. I read this great little article about some LA food reviewer in the New Yorker a few weeks back, and he mentioned before LA created their grading system he was essentially walking around with low grade food poisoning for years. As much as I eat out I think I’ve been pretty lucky, but sadly I do have a touchy stomach (and acid reflux to boot, no booze!).

    • It’s been a while since I’ve gotten food poisoning, actually it was last Christmas, and it was from one of those sushi places on Van Ness. I think it was Wayo actually, which makes me sad because I like it there and I don’t want to talk smack on them. I’m going to say it was my bad for eating sushi on a sunday after a friday holiday. Otherwise, I’ve been pretty much unharmed. I like to think I have a strong constitution, but I’m a little worried about when I start getting a little deeper into the heart of the Tenderloin and eat at some of the more hole in the wall sort of places. Wish me luck!

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