eating the TL

I was inspired today to set a goal for myself, and a new direction for this blog.  I saw a blog called Eating Clement Street which is written by a woman who recently moved to the Inner Richmond and has decided to eat at every restaurant on Clement.  The Inner Richmond just happens to be my old hood, so I was keen to see what this blog had to say, and quickly found that it clashed with me.  Already, after only four restaurants written up.  So, as a rebuttal, I’ve decided that I will eat at and blog about every eating establishment in the Tenderloin.  I don’t know exactly how that is a rebuttal…one might say I’m just ripping this Clement Street blogger off.  Or that I’m ripping off the multitudes that she is ripping off.  A real rebuttal would be to eat at the places she goes to and write a blog about that…but I don’t live in the Inner Richmond anymore, I live in Lower Nob Hill.  The Tendernob, if you will (and I won’t).  So, I’m eating the TL.  Now, a few clarifications.  This is the Tenderloin neighborhood as defined by Yelp.  The borders are Franklin on the west, Powell on the east, Post on the north and about a third of a block south of Market (even with Stevenston Alley) on the south.  This is not how I would define the Tenderloin, (I would call it between Post and Market and Taylor and Van Ness) but it makes it easier to just go with Yelp.  I will be going to restaurants, bars , cafes, corner stores; any place serving food that is not a grocery store.  I am filtering out the more expensive places (I’m not rich) with Yelp’s qualification system, which means I am going to places with one or two dollar signs.  Also, I will be going to chain and fast food restaurants, but I won’t be going to Starbucks.  That is my one exception.  Through my Yelp research I am starting with a list of 251 restaurants.  I may find out that some of these restaurants are no longer open.  I may come across newly opened restaurants as time goes on.  I’ll cross all bridges as they come.  I will be visiting these restaurants in no particular order, just whatever strikes my fancy.  I hope that that is enough exposition because I can’t think of anything else to say.  I hope you are looking forward to some interesting adventures, because things can get pretty interesting in the Tenderloin.